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Name: Kota Mikato
Species: Kynan, Brown fox
Gender: Male
Description: Kota is the new rookie, or Kynan, in town. He's usually quiet, and creative. He didn't start off so hot either. Shortly after running away from home, he's shot by a gas station store clerk. Not a very good way to start off his life as an anthromorph, is it?

Name: Alice Halsey
Species: Kynan, Arctic fox
Gender: Female
Description: Col. Alice Halsey is a kynan of the organized faction called "Society". Her job was a simple search and retrival of the new recruit, Kota. Her mission went wrong when she messed up protocol and Kota got shot in the chest.


Kynan (Ki-Nan): The Kynan are fully reborn race of another species into a anthromorphic race. For example, the tranformation of a human to a fox or wolf. Along with the anthromorphic transformation is a trait of invisibility to an average human. However, this trait is not applied to Hybrid humans.

Hybrid Humans: Hybrid humans follow nearly the same path as Kynans with the exception of anthromorphic transformation. They have the ability to see and hear Kynan activity while retaining human traits and abilities such as interaction. The similarities is that to become either Kynan or Hybrid, they each must go through the Rebirthing process.


Q: What are "Colors"? A: Colors or Artifacts are objects that each Kynan collects to restore color to their vision. Colors are also used as weapon too, adjusting existing elements to be used in combat.
Q: Will the Comic ever be in full color again? A: Eventually. The comic revolves around the use of "Colors" and as the story progresses, So will additional colors.