October 3rd, 2012
by Ryan Fawks

I am so very sorry to annouce, and perhaps a little late to do so, but the IMF series has been postponed indefinately. To explain the reasons, I must say that over a year ago I started working and earning a paycheck. I thought I would have enough time after work to do comics and story editing, but as it turns out, blue collar jobs suck. My last comic upload was something like a year... perhapse two years ago. Heck, even my last art piece for fun was 6 months ago. I really don't want to lie to anyone when I say I might come back to it. It was really hard to do when I saw that Oct. 1st had 26 unique visitors alone. I didn't even thing I had anyone really looking into this site and it made it hard for me to do what I had to do.

But I guess I'm creating this blog as an apology to those who have been following since my first few attempts at a webcomic, but also as sort of... a hope. For those who have twitter, I'm keeping the IMF account open for future projects. I want to get an online portfolio up with just small series and commissions. Just to draw and write side stories. I still really haven't given up on IMF itself and you more then likely will see refs and easter eggs to the series. But this allows me a little more leeway in terms of improving my art and having fun.

Anyways, I am sorry for abruptly ending the comic like this and I hope to see you guys soon. For now, keep reading and don't lose yourself.


Ryan Fawks